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EFCC report is good for the polity, says Gov. Nnamani, by Paul Odili (Vanguard, October 05, 2006)
EFCC report exonerated me – Nnamani, by Pade Olapoju (The Sun, October 5, 2006)
Price variances in award of government contracts in Enugu State, by Engr. Luke Mammel (October 4, 2006)
Official response of the Goverment of Enugu State to the EFCC Report, by Dr. Dan Shere (October 3, 2006)
EFCC report: our stand, by Enugu State Government (October 1, 2006)
ALGON to Nnamani: Your development centres have opened obscure parts of Enugu State, by Hon. Chidi Nwatu (Sept. 27, 2006)
Why we endorse Nnamani’s policies on grassroots development, by HRH Igwe Jeremiah Onovo (Sept. 27, 2006)
The Senate, the law and federalism, by Pini Jason (Vanguard, Sept. 26, 2006)
Nnamani vs Nnamani: Enugu political house on fire again? by Bolade Omonijo (Vanguard, Sept. 26, 2006)
Senate and LG funds, (Vanguard editorial, Sept. 26, 2006)
Enugu: the limit of anti-politics, by Louis Odion (Sunday Sun, Sept. 24, 2006)
"Senate's motion on Enugu and its interpretation", by Iheanacho Nwosu (Daily Champion, Sept. 18, 2006)
"Enugu councils and the Senators", by Sanya Oni (Daily Sun, Sept. 19, 2006)
“The Military is part of our Society", - Gov. Nnamani (Interview with SOJA magazine, Sept. 9, 2006)
Back on the Podium, by Davidons Iriekpen (Thisday, Sept. 9, 2006)
Seeking a Path to National Rediscovery, by Geoffrey Ekenna (The Punch, Sept. 6, 2006)
Again, Nnamani returns to the lecture circuit, by Onuoha Ukeh (The Sun, Sept 8, 2006)
Nnamani tackles regionalism at Ibadan, by Paul Odili (Vanguard, September 6, 2006)
Fire in the Coal City, by Oluwasegun Abifarin (The Week, July 31, 2006)
Nnamani’s compassionate ways, by Sim Oba (Tribune, July 16, 2006)
'No presidential hunting for me', by Chimaroke Nnamani (Thisday interview, July 15, 2006)
Settled issues in Enugu, by Teta Ezekwesili (Vanguard, July 12, 2006)
Justice meets comfort at Enugu court complex, by Davidson Iriekpen (Thi
sday, July 9, 2006)
Enugu: OBJ's verdict, by Comfort Obi (The Source newsmagazine, July 17, 2006)
My job is done, by Chimaroke Nnamani (Interview with Newswatch, July 10, 2006)
Enugu: the making of a new state, by Maureen Chigbo (Newswatch, July 10, 2006)
Nigerians echo President Obasanjo’s verdict that Enugu is working, by Akaninyene Johnson (Daily Sun, July 3, 2006)
Nnamani is frank and ruthlessly blunt, by Sam Egburonu (Daily Independent, July 2, 2006)
Did Nnamani come at the wrong time?, by Ethelbert Okere (Daily Sun, Friday, June 30, 2006)
How Ebeano earned Obj’s kudos, by Chukwudi Achife (Daily Champion, Friday, June 30, 2006)
If Obasanjo said ‘Enugu is working,’ what does this say of the opposition?, by Onuoha Ukeh (Daily Sun, June 30, 2006)
Enugu State is working, by Pini Jason (Vanguard, June 27, 2006)
Nnamani: scared of being president?, by Debo Abdulai (Tribune)
Enugu: beyond OBJ’s visit, by Louis Odion (Daily Sun, June 25, 2006)
Enugu is really working, by Semiu Aderogba (Daily Sun, June 26, 2006)
Nnamani’s  legacy thrust, by Emmanuel Aziken (Vanguard, June 23, 2006)
PDP factionalisation exists only on pages of newspapers – Nnamani, by Onuoha Ukeh (The Sun, June 21, 2006)
Our achievement speaks for us, by Chimaroke Nnamani (The News, June 19, 2006)
Nnamani, in a race to complete mega proj
ects, by Paul Odili (Vanguard, June 20, 2006)
Nnamani and the PhD Syndrome, by Dike Ikechukwu (Thisday, June 20, 2006)
Whence Chimaroke Nnamani Comes...a reporter’s encounter, by Aghadiuno Aghanwanze (Received: June 15, 2006)
Will Nnamani Vie For Presidency? by Olawale Resheed (Nigerian Tribune, June 15, 2006)
Nnamani: Tribute To The Medic Politician (Daily Independent, June 5, 2006)
For Chimaroke Nnamani at 46, by Onuoha Ukeh, (The Sun, June 2, 2006)
Nnamani’s legacies and the future of Enugu politics, by Chukwudi Achife (Champion, May 16, 2006)
Coal City: Development with Eye on History, by Davidson Iriepken (Thisday, May 4, 2006)
Enugu: Why we are so blest, by Desmond Onovo (received: April 24, 2006)
Enugu: The foundation of hate, by Lawrence Aka (received: April 10, 2006)
Opposition and the politics of denial in Enugu State, by Chukwuemerie Nnam (received: April 8, 2006)
Nnamani and burden of leadership, by John Nwokeabia (Vanguard, March 24, 2006)
Steadfastness, Nnamani and Obasanjo, by Onuoha Ukeh (The Sun, February 17, 2006)
Who is afraid of Nnamani?, by Debo Abdulai (Tribune, February 12, 2006)
There is nothing wrong if Obasanjo is chosen by PDP again, by Chimaroke Nnamani (The Champion, February 8, 2006)
Why I am backing Obasanjo for a third term, by Chimaroke Nnamani (Vanguard, February 8, 2006)
Is EFCC Not Chasing Shadows?, by Chiazor Nwakere (Thisday, February 7, 2006)
Reaching for Nnamani’s jugular, by Dotun Oladipo (The Punch, February 6, 2006).
Enugu, EFCC and the challenge of leadership, by Bolade Omonijo (Vanguard, February 3, 2006)
Cheap propaganda and the shallowness of the opposition, by Onuoha Ukeh (The Sun, Friday, February 3, 2006)
Why I am backing Obasanjo for a third term, by Chimaroke Nnamani (Vangaurd, February 8, 2006)
Is EFCC Not Chasing Shadows?, by Chiazor Nwakere (Thisday, February 7, 2006)
Reaching for Nnamani’s jugular, by Dotun Oladipo (The Punch, February 6, 2006)
Enugu, EFCC and the challenge of leadership, by Bolade Omonijo (Vanguard, February 3, 2006)
Cheap propaganda and the shallowness of the opposition, by Onuoha Ukeh (The Sun, Friday, February 3, 2006)
Nnamani: A Legacy of achievements, by Iheanacho Nwosu (Daily Champion, February 2, 2006)
Enugu State: Between N57.1 billion allocated and N52 billion 'embezzled', (February 1, 2006)
Nnamani: A Legacy of achievements, by Iheanacho Nwosu (Daily Champion, February 2, 2006)
OPINION : Is Nnamani worth 52 billion Naira?, by Paul Odili (Vanguard, February 1, 2006)
Coal City: things are getting better, by Paul Nnaji, (Daily Champion, January 31, 2006)
Steadilly, Nnamani rides the EFCC storm, by Samod Biobaku (Sunday Sun, January 29, 2006)
Resurgence of dirty war in Enugu, by Louis Odion (The Sun, January 29, 2006)
The godfather re-echos, by Chimaroke Nnamani (The Sun, January 23, 2006)
Nnamani’s shining example, by Bolade Omonijo, (Vanguard, January 29, 2005)
Ours is a Peaceful Search for Justice and Equity, by Chimaroke Nnamani (interview with Newswatch, January 9, 2006)
Constitution Review: Let’s Negotiate, by Mike Apkan (Newswatch cover story, January 9, 2006)
Constitutional Reform, a must for growth, by Chimaroke Nnamani (interview with Punch, January 3, 2006)
Enugu Confab: Can the North contain the Southern threat?, by Rotimi Ajayi (Vanguard, December 30, 2005)
Onabule and politics of Enugu Summit, by Paul Odili (Vanguard, December 28, 2005)
We Must Restore Nigeria, by Chimaroke Nnamani (interview with The News, December 26, 2005)
The Enugu Accord, (The News cover story, December 26, 2005)
Third Term: How South Talks Make Things More Difficult, by Akpo Esajere (The Guardian on Sunday, December 25, 2005)
Constitutional reform: Negotiation’ll be based on mutual respect, by Chimaroke Nnamani (Vanguard, December 25, 2005)
Starting where our forefathers stopped, by Chimaroke Nnamani (The Guardian, December 21, 2005)
Enugu State and the miracle within, Cosmas Maduba (Daily Independent, December 18, 2005)
For Enugu, It’s New Path to Rural Healthcare, by Emmanuel Ugwu (Thisday, December 12, 2005)
Enugu, reforms and NPC award, by Onuoha Ukeh (The Sun, December 9, 2005)
Day American envoy stormed Enugu, by Ayogu Eze (received: December 5, 2005)
What’s happening in Enugu?, by Adebolu Arowolo (Punch, December 5, 2005)
The Numero Uno, by Ademola Adegbamigbe (The News, November 28, 2005)
The governors’ scorecard, by Ochereome Nnanna (Vanguard, November 14, 2005)
Governors' performance ratings: indicators and grades (Vanguard, November 11, 2005)
How have your governors performed?, by Jide Ajani (Vanguard, November 9, 2005)
A Governor's Race Against Time, by Mike Akpan (Newswatch, November 14, 2005)
Enugu: Nnamani's Model State, by Newswatch (November 14, 2005)
Nnamani: Setting the pace for a new Enugu State, by Dotun Oladipo (The Punch, November 7, 2005)
EU Ambassadors: Their visit and verdict on Enugu, by Bolade Omonijo (Vanguard, November 07, 2005)
The Ebeano Phenomenon, Francis Duru, (Thisday, November 6, 2005)
Governance: The Chimaroke Nnamani Perspective, by Eziuche Ubani (Thisday, November 4, 2005)
When Europe passed verdict on Enugu, by David Iriekpen (Thisday, November 2, 2005)
Index on Legacies: Nnamani’s pitch, by Chuks Iloegbunam (Vanguard, November 1, 2005)
Enugu: Witness to History, by Pini Jason (Vanguard, October 28, 2005)
Governor Nnamani and History, by Ayogu Eze (received: October 28, 2005)
His Eyes on History, By Amanze Obi (The Sun, October 23, 2005)
Forty-five minutes as ESUT medical student, by Pini Jason (Vanguard, October 25, 2005)
EU Envoys: The Road to Enugu, by Emmanuel Ugwu (Thisday, October 17, 2005)
A Political Prodigy in the East, by Adegboyega Adejobi (Punch, October 7, 2005)
European Union flag, by Ayogu Eze (received: October 5, 2005)
Enugu takes healthcare to higher level, by Enyeribe Ejiogu (The Sun, October 4, 2005)
EU envoys, Enugu government and promise of stronger ties, By Ikechukwu Eze (The Vanguard, Friday, September, 30, 2005)
European envoys endorse Nnamani's reforms, by Iheanacho Nwosu (The Champion, Friday, September, 30, 2005)
Nnamani and his 13 EU guests, by Chukwudi Achife (The Champion, October 3, 2005)
Nnamani and the EU Ambassadors, by Okey Ifionu (Thisday, September 29, 2005)
Day Governor Nnamani told EU envoys the Ebeano story, by Onuoha Ukeh (The Sun, September 28, 2005)
What we saw in Enugu, by EU Ambassadors, (received: September 27, 2005)
The Enugu Story, by Chimaroke Nnamani (September 22, 2005)
Nnamani partners EU for democracy dividends, By Paul Odili (Vanguard, September 27, 2005)
Future of Nigeria starts in Enugu, by EU Ambassadors (Vanguard, September 26, 2005)
What the E.U. Ambassadors will encounter in Enugu, by Johnbosco Onyianta (received: September 22, 2005)
Re-Inventing ESUT To Face Fresh Challenges, By Bukola Olatunji (Thisday, September 21, 2005)
Enugu raises the stakes of partnership, by Ejikeme Ogu (received: September 21, 2005)
As EU Ambassadors visit Enugu..., by Emma Eze (received: September 21, 2005)
Transforming ESUTH For Better Service , by Oyeyemi Oyedeji (The Comet, September 20, 2005)
We don't abandon projects here, by Chimaroke Nnamani (September 2005)
Glue that Holds the Nation, by Max Amuchie (Thisday, August 29, 2005)
Nnamani’s romantic view of Middle Belt, by Paul Odili (Vanguard, August 24, 2005)
Enugu: The Ebeano Footprint, by Edward Dibiana (The Source magazine, August 29, 2005)
Ebeanoism and Governance in Enugu State, by Sam Ugwuozor (received: August 23, 2005)
Seeking True Democracy Through Debate, by Segun Olatunji (The Punch, August 16, 2005)
Enugu’s Cocoa House in Abuja, by Phil Agu (received: August 11, 2005)
Day Governor Nnamani Played Jesus, by Mike Awoyinfa (received: August 18, 2005)
A Day with Gov Nnamani (1), by Mike Awoyinfa (received: August 10, 2005)
Third term rumours are wicked, by Chimaroke Nnamani (The Sun, August 9, 2005)
Enugu story has not been written yet, by Chimaroke Nnamani (The Sun, July 19, 2005)
My problem with Senate President, by Chimaroke Nnamani (Daily Independent, July 22, 2005)
What does Nnamani want?, by Bolade Omonijo (received: July 19, 2005)
War Drums in Enugu, by Ayogu Eze (received July 17, 2005)
Gov Nnamani, you have kept the faith, by President Olusegun Obasanjo
The Unsung Feats of Nnamani, by Sylvester Asoya (received: July 4, 2005)
Marginalization, what marginalization?, by Onyebuchi Ene (received June 8, 2005)
Deconstructing Chimaroke Nnamani, by Kenneth Ugbechie (received: May 1, 2005)
Tale of two Nnamanis, by Valentine Nwosu (received: April 28, 2005)
This Senate President will succeed, by Chimaroke Nnamani (received: April 16, 2005)
Enugu: after dusk comes dawn, by Godwin Udeh (received: March 29, 2005)
Bonding with the people: the Enugu example, by Chukwuma Nwanjoku (received: March 26, 2005)
‘Why I Always Say To God Be The Glory’, by Simon Kolawole (received: March 12, 2005)
Enugu Story: OBJ as Witness, by Cornelius Kenechukwu (received: March 1, 2005)
How Nnamani dazzled Mr. President, by Koya Jegede Jr. (received: February 26, 2005)
Nnamani searches for worthy legacy, by Paul Odili (received: February 17, 2005)
Grand narrative of Nnamani legacies, by Mike Onyia (received: February 15, 2005)
Nnamani: keeping date with history, by William Johnson, by William Johnson (received: February 14, 2005)
Nnamani's Day of Glory, by Mike Ubani (received: February 14, 2005)
Enugu, living the Nigerian dream, by Debo Abdulai & Sona Oladeinde (received: February 13, 2005)
When Enugu stood still for Obasanjo, by Kenneth Ofoma (received: February 12, 2005)
Obasanjo to Nnamani: you are one of the performing governors (received: February 9, 2005)
In six years, Enugu Dream is shaping up, by Ozonnia Ezekudene (received: February 8, 2005)
Raising the stakes of governance in Enugu State, by Godwin Udeh (received: February 4, 2005)
Grand narratives of Nnamani legacies, by Mike Onyia (received: February 1, 2005)
Breaking the vicious circle of poverty in Enugu State, by Yusuf Audu (received: January 25, 2005)
Enugu’s Own Ultimate Search, by Ifeanyi Eze (received: December 14, 2004)
A Night for the Aristotle of Enugu, by Ezekiel Malami (received: November 30, 2004)
Of Governors and Legacies, by Festus Adedayo (received: November 6, 2004)
Obasanjo, Ndigbo and History, by Chimaroke Nnamani (received: October 10, 2004).
Hillary Benn and the "Igede" Dance, by Agha Udeaneke (received: Sept. 21, 2004).
Enugu, DFID and the War Against Poverty, by Iheji Chukwueme (received: Sept. 16, 2004).
Pragmatics of Civil Service Reform in Enugu, by Iheji Chukwueme (received: Sept. 06, 2004).
Nnamani and the second term question, by Godwin Udeh (received: September 11, 2004)
Partnership: The Enugu example,by Ada Nwaneri (received: September 7, 2004)
Community Policing, the Enugu Experiment, by Iheji Chukwueme (received: Sept. o4, 2004).
Community Policing in Enugu, by Sebastine Ikebundu (received: September 2, 2004)
Spectacle and Wonders in Enugu, by Emmanuel Eze (received: August 31, 2004)
"Nnamani: Spearheading Enugu's urban renewal", by Ozonnia Ezekudene (received: August 27, 2004)
Community policing: the icing on Nnamani's reforms!, by Teta Ezekwesili (received: July 26, 2004)
In my time, the Enugu dream is coming true, by Igwe Charles Abangwu (July 5, 2004).
Secateurs and Olive Tree of Enugu, by Festus Adedayo (received: July 5, 2004).
APGA and the Election Boycott, By Sebastine Nwaoko (received: February 20, 2004)
Alleviating poverty by meals, by Ifeanyi Ezumah (received: February 13, 2004)
APGA and the forsaken road, by Abraham Ugwu (received: February 17, 2004)
Consolidating security system in Enugu, Chioma Nwafor (received: February 10, 2004)
School meals plus: Enugu blazes the trail again, by Chukwudi Ndu (received: February 4, 2004)
‘Nigerians will carve a role for Nnamani in 2007’, says aide (received: January 7, 2004)
The Prophet Comes Home, by Teta Ezekwesili (received: January 6, 2004)
Nnamani's Antidote for Poverty, by Teta Ezekwesili (received: January 6, 2004)
Ambassador Jetter to Gov. Nnamani The pedigree of (your) ideas is of essence, by Obiechina Nwachukwu Jnr. (received: December 21, 2003)
Ebeano.org as a repository of knowledge, by Oluwaseyi Lucas (received: December 27, 2003)
The Eastern Star on the Move, by Ugulu O. Ugulu, (received: December 16, 2003)
The Nnamani and Marwa Ticket in 2007, by Raheem Ajibola (received: 11 December, 2003)
Chimaroke's many critics, by William Ezeogo (received: December 8, 2003)
The Testimony of Enugu, by Festus Adedayo (received: December 2, 2003)
Nnamani and poverty eradication, by Teta Ezekwesili (received: November 29, 2003 )
2007, Chimaroke will not settle for Vice Presidency, by Ayogu Eze (received, 27 November 2003)
How Ama Greenfield Has Raised Enugu's Profile, By Agha Ibiam (received: 29 October, 2003)
Enugu Confronts Poverty Head-on, By Stanislaus Eze (received: 27 October, 2003)
Ama: Celebration of Africa's biggest brewery, by Vanguard (received: 22 October, 2003)
Ama Greenfield as Index of Democracy Dividend, by Agha Ibiam (received: 22 October, 2003)
Task of Policing Enugu, by Iheji Chukwueme (received: 14 October, 2003)
Chimaroke: What role beyond 2007? by Debo Abdulai (received: 11 October, 2003)
Bar Conference and security situation in Enugu, by Iheji Chukwueme (received: 9 October, 2003)
Upholding Man's Dignity Through Poverty Alleviation, by Ken Anosike (received: 6 October, 2003)
Gains of NBA Conference in Enugu, by Godwin Udeh (received: 2 October, 2003)
Remembering the 2003 bar conference, by Ugonna Ugwuiyi (received: 3 October, 2003)
Nnamani and future of Nigerian Politics, by Gab Ogbe (received: 14 Sept. 2003)
Cheers for Enugu Law School, by Ikechukwu Onah (received: 13 Sept., 2003)
Enugu: A New Awakening, by Dan Nwomeh (received: 4 September, 2003)
'Between Politics and Healthcare', by Felix Aina (received: 27 August 2003)
"Enugu: Now That The Night is Over", by Arinze Nnamoko (received: 25 August, 2003)
'When the Kanu Foundation came to Enugu with succor' by Ikechukwu Onah (received: 16 August, 2003)
'Ebeano: re-enacting yesterday's values', by Charlie Agbo (received: 18 August, 2003)
'Nnamani and the Legal Profession' by Emma Nwaru (received: 13 August 2003)
Nnamani: An Enigma's Metamorphosis, by Chike Agbim
A Governor's Landmark, by Sylvester Asoya
Democracy Dividends as the Difference in Enugu State, by Obiechina Nwachukwu Junior
"Who is Afraid of Nnamani?", by Ibe Njoku
Nnamani and Media Equity in Enugu State, by Ibe Njoku


Ours is a Peaceful Search for Justice and Equity, by Chimaroke Nnamani (interview with Newswatch, January 9, 2006)
We Must Restore Nigeria, by Chimaroke Nnamani (interview with The News, December 26, 2005) I can't be misled by the elite, by Chimaroke Nnamani (Newswatch, November 14, 2005)
We don't abandon projects here, by Chimaroke Nnamani (September 2005)
" We are in complete control" - Gov. Chimaroke Nnamani, by By Edward Dibiana, Enugu (The Source, August 29, 2005
A new political class now in control of Enugu State, by Governor Nnamani (August 13, 2005)
Third term rumours are wicked, by Chimaroke Nnamani (The Sun, August 9, 2005).
The Enugu story has not been written yet, by Chimaroke Nnamani (The Sun, Tuesday, July 19, 2005)
My problem with senate president, by Chimaroke Nnamani (Interview, Daily Independent, Friday, July 22, 2005)
2007: I’m against power rotation, by Chimaroke Nnamani (Interview, The News magazine, July 10, 2005).
Why we embarked on Development Projects, by Governor Chimaroke Nnamani, (The News, February 21, 2005).
2007: I’m not interested in Vice Presidency, Gov. Nnamani, (Interview with The Vanguard, February 14, 2005).
Governor Nnamani on 'Hot Seat', an interactive forum of Aka-Ikenga, November 23, 2003.
"AMA IS A WATERSHED, VOTE OF CONFIDENCE", by Governor Chimaroke Nnamani, (The Champion, Wednesday, 22 October, 2003)
Chimaroke explodes: 'Dont insult Igbo on presidency', Interview with the Nigerian Tribune, 3 October, 2003.
"I Don't Lose Sleep over Nwobodo", Interview with "The News" magazine, 2 December 2002.
"We Don't Invest on Political Godfathers", Interview with Insider magazine, 16 December 2002.
"No hope for Jim and his bandit coalition", says Nnamani, as he extends the olive branch to opposition members.


Middle-Belt, Glue of the Nation, by Bankole Makinde (Tribune, August, 21, 2005)
Proponents of third term are political jobbers, by Max Amuchie (Thisday, August 20, 2005)
Seeking True Democracy Through Debate, by Segun Olatunji (The Punch, August 16, 2005)
Nnamani to M/Belt: Press for Empowerment, Not Identity,by Ahamefula Ogbu (Thisday, August 17, 2005)
Nnamani’s gospel on poverty eradication, by Abiodun Felix (received: August 9, 2005)
Gov Nnamani rejects zoning of political offices, by Emeka Mamah, Paul Odili and Emmanuel Aziken (Vangaurd, 21 July, 2005).
National Conference: Can the National Assembly take up Nnamani's Challenge?, by Stan Eze ( received: December 17, 2003)
'Poverty, bane of Nigerian Media', by Dotun Oladipo, received: (12 November, 2003)
Governor Nnamani and the Media, Soyombo Opeyemi, (received: 27 October, 2003)
LG Reforms: Options for Variety, by Obiechina Nwachukwu, Jr. (received: 25 October, 2003)
Nnamani, NHIS cannot be ignored, By Dan Onyeje (received: 21 October, 2003)
Nnamani Lectures and National Discourse, by Alex Ugwuanyi, (received 19 October, 2003)
Promises and Our Democracy, by Obyi Odoja (received: 14 October, 2003)
Local Government as an element of gap crisis, By Iheji Chukwueme (received: 11 October, 2003)
Democracy of high expectations, by Paul Nwachukwu (received: 10 October, 2003)
Yoruba and the Local Government Question, by Ahmed Ilesanmi(received: 9 October, 2003)
Nation Building as a Weapon, by Nnaemeka Igwillo, (received: 9 October, 2003)
June 12: Revisiting a Political Phenomenon, by Max Amuche (received: 8 October, 2003)
Nnamani's reservations about national conference by Ngozi Nwozor (received: 4 October, 2003)
Oshiomhole to Nnamani: "You're unlike some judges … you are a role model", Nigerian Tribune, August 12, 2003
"LG Reforms: Gov. Nnamani's Panacea", The Source Magazine (August 18 2003)
"Issues and Perspectives in local council reform and restructuring", The Guardian (August 7 2003)
The Godfather Phenomenon: Many Faces of a Lecture, By Edward Dibiana

"From Base To Middle Ground... riding the decisive crest of our second mandate", Full Text of 2nd Inaugural Address of Governor Chimaroke Nnamani, 29 May 2003
"Lawyers and Nation Building", Full text of the welcome address of Governor Chimaroke Nnamani to Nigerian Bar Association Annual Conference in Enugu, August 24 to 29, 2003
Enugu Govt. to finish new Enugu university in 40 months, new Teaching Hospital in 12 months...declares Chimaroke at the Annual General Meeting of the Commitee of Deans of Education of Nigerian Universities in Enugu. (read the article)

It All Goes with Responsibility, by Chimaroke Nnamani, Thisday, August 3, 2003
Unitary Healthcare and Surgeon General...Dear Eyitayo Lambo, by Chimaroke Nnamani, Thisday, August 10, 2003


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