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Tuesday, January 03 2006

Vol 18 No.152









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  • Nnamani pledges even dev in 2006

    Chukwudi Achife, Enugu

    Governor of Enugu State, Chimaroke Nnamani, has declared the New Year as that of fuller realisation of the objectives of government in building the best infrastructure base as well as spread of development for the gains of the majority of the citizens.

    The governor in his New Year (2006) message to the people of Enugu State, reaffirmed his satisfaction on the phenomenal progress government had made in transforming the State in 2005 adding that this had proven that his administration had taken the right path in pursuit of such structures, projects and programmes which would elevate the State from its former civil-service culture to one of fuller economic initiatives capable of revealing the best of the individual and groups.

    According to Governor Nnamani, the first phase of his administration was to cut the path, especially in his construction and rebuilding of the erstwhile road network, which, once again, opened the various parts of the state to citizens and other Nigerians.

    This he said, had been followed with established efforts in development of other factors of the emerging social environment, such as housing, educational institutions and facilities, human development, poverty reduction and people-empowerment.

    He said the State Administration had established vast infrastructure development such as the permanent site of the State University at Ebeano City; the State University Teaching Hospital; the International Conference Centre; Judiciary Headquarters; Artisan-Okpara Avenue Tunnel Crossing; Nza-Chime Avenue link road; Dualised Chime Avenue and the many others.

    These, the Governor said, were like building the outlines, platforms and visual structures, which largely constituted the first task, while the New Year 2006 would be for the consummation of the finishing touches, aesthetics and full utilisation and upgrading of the enterprises to be undertaken in those facilities.

    He urged Enugu citizens, both at home and abroad, to key in to the efforts of the government to fully consummate the challenge posed by the culture of excellence already well stated in the objective analysis and declaration of Enugu State as the best governed in our dear Nigeria.

    On the conduct of citizens in welcoming the new 2006, he counselled that care must be taken so that people would not get sucked into such conducts that may impair their entry into the New Year.

    In his words, "a new year is worth celebrating but such cannot be carried to abort one’s healthy participation in the promises of another blessed year of the Good Lord."

    He averred that people must always have a grip on their emotions so as not to injure or impair the social well being of fellow citizens just because they were happy to breeze into another year.

    Arguing that it could be wrong for people to throw away old belongings, such that cause serious environmental problems, he pleaded with the citizens to appreciate that a new year was for them to adjust themselves, plan for the unfolding year and take good care of existing property, instead of littering the streets with old personal belongings.

    On that note Governor Nnamani reminded the people that such personal or group property which they may be tempted to throw away, would be of immense use for others and could be directed at the charities to help the needy.

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