Enugu govt rejoices on success of proposed of Adada State
April 4, 2006

The Government and people of Enugu State have received, with great joy, the report of the final decision of the National Assembly’s South East Caucus Committee, which reviewed conditions and possibilities for the creation of an additional one state in the South East, standing solidly in favour of the proposed Adada State.

Gladly, we can say with a good measure of feelings of fulfilment that if the proposed Adada State earns five of the ten votes, leaving three and two, respectfully, for the proposed Orashi and Aba States, while the proposed Njaba/Orlu State got nothing, it is settled that our Adada State is one whose time has come.

We therefore say, but with thankfulness to God, that this heart cheering report, as shown in the indices of the painstaking calculation of the vital organ of the South East Caucus of the National Assembly, represents the strongest step in the direction of fulfilling the yearnings of a people.

The Government and people of Enugu State are indeed elated that this development would be the lot of the current generation of our people who had fought fine battles and exhibited such fine qualities that will bring about the thriving of a new State.

Also, this harmonious decision of the Caucus adds up to the yearnings of the South East which shall henceforth stand at par with those other regions in due representation in various stages of development in our beloved nation, Nigeria.

It is hoped that when this well cherished dream is fully realised, the Citizens and Government of Adada State will bring to the fore the well rehearsed Igbo tradition of perseverance, dedication, enterprise and coordination.

And having come of the glorious Northern Igbo socio-political and economic cluster – representing our pre-colonial forays and successes in technology (Leja pottery), industry (Ugwuro foundary) and trade (Ogbede/Orba barzaras/fairs) - it is capable of mounting some unflappable programmes that will propel the people into the global development trends.

Igbonekwu Ogazimorah
Commissioner for Information/State Orientation


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