Governor Chimaroke Nnamani's Vision
"My vision and dream are of a greater tomorrow for our men, women and children. A vision and dream of a new Enugu State. We are projecting a foreseeable future when the basic needs of human existence such as reliable infrastructure, social services, and improved quality of life would become facts of our everyday living. Our participatory Government intends to make all our people stake-holders in the sustainable development and growth of this young State so that we can all in turn become the beneficiaries of the rewards of our common struggle."

"My interest is in those people who time has forgotten, those who civilization has left behind; our brothers and sisters who are outside the 'belt way'.

"My vision is that in the near future our children will have access to quality education: That in our lifetime the provision and enjoyment of the basic necessities of life will be taken for granted by our people."

"The best way to ameliorate the difficulties of the massive poverty that afflict the country is by embarking on massive physical transformation of communities by way of provision of social amenities such as roads, electricity, water, education, healthcare, capacity building and economic empowerment of the people."


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