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To create a society in which an informed and active citizenry is sovereign and makes policy decisions based on the will of the people.

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Our agenda include health care, education, women empowerment, infrastructure, youth empowerment.


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We will build democracy through activism and to change the law for equity and fair political processes.

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The recent spate of the killings in Igboland, the latest being in my own constituency of Enugu East Senatorial District where Rev. Fr. Paul Offu and pregnant Regina Mba were gruesomely murdered by hoo...


Day Ugwuanyi, Nnamani, others honoured Igbo women, by Magnus Eze

Nnamani challenged women of Igbo extraction to be enterprising both in business and in politics, urging them to emulate prominent Igbo women of old who excelled in politics and in businesses. He added...


Return of Ebeano lecture series, as Senator Nnamani sets stage for national dialogue

Nnamani went memory lane from pre-colonial era, slave trade, independence struggle, the ill-fated Nigeria/Biafra fratricidal civil war to the present day of how women have been the pillars in the home...


2019 Polls: Vote PDP all the Way – Ex-Governor Chimaroke to Enugu Residents

A former Governor of Enugu State, Senator Chimaroke Nnamani has called on the people of the State to vote for all the candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the forthcoming general electi...

Latest Publications

Get comprehensive digests and reports on our service to the people.

Ndigbo: The Reality of a Virtual Nation in the Diaspora, Thisday Guest Columnist by Chimaroke Nnamani

Aug 26, 2019
Therefore, the heartbeat of a virtual Igbo nation is outside the confines of the Igbo homestead. Ndigbo Global or Ndigbo Worldwide who reside all over the world with the majority still in South-Eastern Nigeria have unfettered access to the global basket of fortunes and limitless dreams. In the global arena where there is no quota system and where the society thrives on competition and merit, an Ig...

Memo to my Teacher and Mentor at 80, 80th Birthday Tribute to Professor J. C Azubuike, Emeritus Professor of Paediatrics of the Uniiversity of Nigeria,, Summer Hill Place, Enugu

Aug 16, 2019
My dear sir, Jonathan Chukwuemeka Azubuike – intellectual titan, consummate professional, quintessential physician of the finest specialty training, inspiring teacher of teachers, mentor and counselor to younger generations of medical professionals, many of them topflight achievers in different parts of the world.

Dike Nwanyi-Igbo! Amazons as Leaders!. Keynote Speech at the 43rd Anniversary and 2nd Reunion of the Class of 76, Anglican Girls Grammar School (AGGS), Awkunanaw, Enugu;

Jul 27, 2019
Igbo men, dismayed and horrified by the emergence of small potentates over them, sat and huddled in astonishment. The new Warrant Chiefs were unabating in their bullish bearing on the people. It was like all was lost. But it was not to be. That was when the women stepped forward and they yelled, mgbe nwoke hara okwu! ogu umu nwanyi eruola!, and if men fail to question this unstopping degradation o...

Poverty in this land … our gods must hear of it. 2006 edition of Horatio Oritshejolomi Thomas memorial Lecture of the College of Medicine, Idi Araba, University of Lagos, Nigeria

Nov 22, 2006
Of course, we are conversant with the tendency of our rural poor who resign themselves to fate and conservatively await a solution from where it may never come. Side-by-side with that is our known cases of severe urban poor whose insurmountable impoverishment induces either their own version of supplication and appeal to the deities. 

Artisans ... as leaders ... zoning to power. Arewa House, Center for Historical Research and Documentation, Old Ministers' Quarters, Malali Kaduna, Nigeria.

Jul 20, 2005
...what occurred to me was that perhaps – and rightly if so - should zoning be accepted formally in Nigeria power equation, it must be expanded to accommodate the varying interests of regions, geo-political zones and states. Of course, senatorial zones, local government areas, wards and social classes, as historical epochs, stages of national transitions and the other various categories of t...

Bar and Bench... public expectation in an emerging democracy. Keynote Lecture at the Annual Bar Week of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Abuja, Hilton Hotel, Abuja.

Dec 10, 2003
With the benefit of hindsight, it is arguable that the bar and the bench provide the polity with a historical link between the past and the present. Even at the darkest periods of the country's post independence political history, the judiciary managed always to stand out as an oasis. It remained the one arm of government that survived the attendant instability of Nigeria's neo-colonial political ...

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